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CS Café Podcast #4 - Firaas Rashid, Founder and CEO of Hook

CS Café Podcast #4 - Firaas Rashid, Founder and CEO of Hook

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Picture this:

You're sitting down with someone who knows their stuff.

They're not some theoretical gurus, but people who worked hard to earn their titles.

Those that are coming from the field like Rav Dhaliwal, Prithwi Dasgupta, or Nadia Harris I had the pleasure of interviewing in my previous episodes.

That's the kind of person I love talking to.

And it's exactly who I had the privilege of chatting with recently.

His name is Firaas Rashid.

He is the mastermind behind Hook.

A company that uses predictive analytics to help businesses grow their revenue.

During our conversation, Firaas's passion for data and customer success became clear immediately.

He started his career in IT operations for Credit Suisse.

He then moved on to App Dynamics where he worked on growing the CS organization.

But Firaas didn't stop there.

He left App Dynamics to create Hook.

A platform that uses data to help companies identify customers at risk of leaving and those who are most likely to buy more.

He faced many challenges and resource limitations when starting his company.

But as he mentions, working with a team of people who share a common goal is what always helped him along the way.

During our conversation, we also dived deep into the metrics that customer success teams should focus on.

Firaas talked about the importance of hiring people who understand the business problem. And the reasons why they should have great knowledge of the product as well.

He believes that customer success teams should focus on simple metrics such as licensed adoption and daily active users.

Firaas also confirmed the importance of aligning customer success with revenue if you want to have a seat at the table.

And I can’t agree more!

Now without further due, tune in and listen to Firaas as he shares his experiences and insights into all things Customer Success and beyond!

Full Episode On Spotify

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p.s. Here's the book Firaas mentioned in our interview.

Grab your copy here 👉 Secrets of Sand Hill Road

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