Dec 18, 2022 • 1M

🎙️CS Café Podcast #1 - Rav Dhaliwal - Investor and former Customer Success Executive at Slack

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All things Customer Success, Productivity, And Personal Development, by Hakan Ozturk.
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💥🎙️Get ready for an unforgettable conversation with Rav Dhaliwal, an investor and former executive at Slack who has over a decade of experience in customer success and growth at companies like Zendesk and Yammer, Inc.

As the former Head of Customer Success at Slack, Rav built the CS department from the ground up and has a wealth of knowledge to share about the tech industry.

Currently, a venture partner at Crane Venture Partners, Rav is passionate about helping startups scale and succeed.

He's even been featured in Forbes for his insights on the tech industry.

In this exclusive interview with Rav, we discussed his experiences in the tech industry and his thoughts on the latest trends and opportunities in customer success.

We also dived into his recent article "The Problem With Customer Success" which has caused a stir in the CS community.

Plus, he gave us tons of practical advice on how to best position CS within your company, grow your career as a Customer Success professional, and succeed on your own journey!

Don't miss out on this epic interview with Rav.

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