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Top SaaS Metrics - Quick Guide

In this guide, I've simplified the 7 critical SaaS metrics you should know for quick reference.

My goal was to make it easy to understand and digest.

It's straightforward and to the point. No bla-bla!

Grab your copy now and set the foundations solid!

ChatGPT Mega Prompts: Do More With Less

In this quick guide, I'm sharing the same prompts and tips I use daily to save time and be more productive in my work.

And time is our most valuable asset.

ChatGPT couldn't arrive at a better time!

It's your personal assistant, available 24/7.

And I made this simple guide to help you do more with less.


Grab your copy now and boost your productivity like never before!

ChatGPT for Customer Success

This is your all-in-one resource to boost your customer success strategies!

Imagine it as having a virtual assistant always available to assist you at work.

I wrote this ebook to be your go-to reference guide to get the most out of ChatGPT for Customer Success specifically.


Grab your copy now and start boosting your productivity like never before!

Top Job Interview Questions To Ask Recruiter

After 20 years of experience running interviews at startups and large corporations, I've cracked the code for asking the right questions to recruiters and stand out.

It helped me secure amazing positions at some of the world's most successful companies, including Adobe, Expedia, Autodesk, and BMC Software.

See what my readers say about it:


Grab your copy now and ace your next interview like a pro!

Cold Email Mastery: Write Emails That Convert

In this quick guide, I share the techniques I use every day to generate new leads and connect with customers effectively.

I wanted to make it an easy read and straight to the point.

My goal is to help you write the most effective emails that get opened with a response in return.

And I'm confident you'll achieve this in no time!

See What My Customers Say:

Grab your copy now and start sending emails that convert!

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