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Feb 3, 2023

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References from Satisfied Partners

Hannah Owen, Demand Generation Manager @ Matik
Hannah Owen, Demand Generation Manager @ Matik

“Our newsletter sponsorship with the CS Cafe Newsletter brought the right eyes to our brand. Hakan was easy and enjoyable to work with.”  

- Hannah Owen, Demand Generation Manager @ Matik

Bex Sekar, Head of Marketing @ Matik
Bex Sekar, Head of Marketing @ Matik

“Hakan was a great addition to our summit. His topic was both timely and compelling, and drove a significant amount of interest from our summit registrants. Not only was his content high-quality, but working with Hakan was easy, and having him on our speaker line-up drove additional sign-ups for the summit.”

 - Bex Sekar, Head of Marketing @ Matik

"As a media partner, our experience with TheCScafe has been exceptional. Hakan's platform provided us with valuable exposure to the Customer Success community.

- Moneet Binji, Director of Marketing @ The Customer Success Collective"

References From My Readers

Zoya Levin, Commercial Account Manager, Coralogix
Zoya Levin, Commercial Accounts @ Coralogix

“Working with Hakan for my profile spotlight has been a game-changer for me. His newsletter has helped me grow professionally. I highly recommend partnering with him to boost your visibility and personal brand.”

Delia Visan, Customer Success @ Druid AI

“Partnering with Hakan has been eye-opening for my career. His newsletter provides valuable insights that help me in my Customer Success role. I encourage others to work with him for visibility and career growth.”

Karim Hambach, Customer Success @ Adobe

“I've been a fan of Hakan’s work from the start. His insights for the CS community are greatly appreciated. He simplifies information for easy understanding. I highly recommend partnering with him.”

Diana Pavic
Diana Pavic, Youthlink Trust

“Working with Hakan had a great impact on me. His commitment to delivering clear, insightful advice has been extremely helpful. Highly recommended!”

Scarlett Johnson, Customer Success, Onboarding @ Tessian

“Teaming up with Hakan has boosted my profile. His newsletter provides practical insights that make a big difference. I highly recommend partnering with him for increased visibility in CS.”

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Example: "Today's edition is brought to you by, the easiest way to [Your Solutions]. Join here today!"

Ad copy is due 72 hours before the newsletter date and is subject to editorial approval.

2. CS Café Podcast

Your ad copy is read and recorded in one of our exciting podcast episodes.

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